How buyers can enjoy
longer payment terms
suppliers get paid faster.


Financing and e-payment solutions on the Basware Network

Financing payables or receivables in order to boost working capital performance is easier than ever before. Companies on the Basware Network now have multiple options depending on whether they are buying or selling, cash rich or cash poor. There are multiple options to choose from when designing a payment strategy including: a global e-Payment solution, dynamic discounting and new to be released e-invoicing based, supplier driven, invoice financing service. Each is designed for different circumstances. And, because they are available from the network, all are easy to take into use.

Global Electronic Payment

Basware Pay is a global e-payment solution offered in collaboration with MasterCard. Basware Pay allows buyers to pay at or after payment terms while making sure that suppliers are paid early with rich remittance data. The solution is ideal for organizations with a long tail of suppliers.
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Early Payment with Dynamic Discounting

Basware Discount is buyer-funded supplier financing. Suppliers get better control over their receivables, boost their cash flows and lower their Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). This service directly supports closer buyer-supplier relationships by improving working capital positions for both parties.
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Early Payment with Basware Advance

Basware Advance is a supplier centric, supplier initiated early payment solution. Suppliers get better control over their receivables and their cash flows to improve their Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). Suppliers can easily manage their working capital position independent of buyer payment schedules.
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How would the 5 step plan work for you?

Supplier Sends Invoice

Supplier sends invoice to customer electronically via basware commerce network


Basware delivers the invoice to buyers invoice processing system


Buyer receives invoice and approves it using any invoice processing system


MasterCard provides early and guaranteed payment to suppliers


MasterCard extends payment for the buyer