Make invoice handling a
paperless process

Scan and capture solutions convert paper invoices into electronic ones.

When invoices are processed electronically,
organizations improve controls, visibility and efficiency.


How Scan & Capture will benefit your business.

With Basware, scan & capture is a flexible solution to your paper problems. Basware Scan & Capture Service is a global service that allows you to fully outsource the reception, scan, capture and validation of all of your invoices after which we send them to you as e-invoices. Need to handle paper (or pdf) invoices locally? Basware CloudScan is a light, easy-to-use cloud service that gives you the flexibility to self-validate the invoices you scan or send them to us for the heavy lifting.

  • Take control of your process: Manual paper invoice processing is the most error prone way to handle an invoice. Scan and capture allows an electronic process which can rely on business rules to streamline and simplify the process.
  • Better cash flow visibility: Scan and capture brings your invoices directly into your ERP or AP system. This allows pre-booking and visibility of future cash flow requirements from the moment the invoice enters your system.
  • Save time and money: Processing invoices electronically will save you approximately 60% on every invoice processed. With a faster more automated process possible, key people will have more time to spend on value adding tasks.
  • Capture more early payment discounts: With scan and capture and an electronic process, your invoice cycle times will become much faster. This opens the door to capturing discounts through early payment programs.