As your business grows, so does the amount of paperwork you receive from your suppliers. Our solutions enable you to take back your financial situation so you can see where your money is going ,
Enabling you to have an increased control of spend
Manage cash flows better & improve relationships with suppliers and customers


Solid financial processes support business growth

As your business grows, the pressure to manage financial workflows increases. While your growing business may not suffer from the same operational complexity as a multi-national enterprise, every wasted hour counts. Poor financial processes waste time, resources and cash – not to mention compromise relationships with your suppliers and customers. The sooner a business deploys automation and moves to electronic invoicing, the more time and money they can save – and invested in growth. 

You will instantly benefit from optimizing your financial processes

Free up staff for more value-adding work: Stop spending time inputting data and chasing invoices. Focus instead on managing exceptions and growing your business.

Pay invoices on time: Accounts Payable automation enables you to see the status of every invoice in one place – so you can make sure that invoices are paid on time. Manage cash flow better: Being able to see what bills are coming due and when allows you to better manage your cash

.Improve relationships with suppliers and customers: When your financial processes are running smoothly, your suppliers don’t need to chase you for payments, and you don’t need to chase your customers.

Increase control of spend: With electronic procurement, your employees will buy on contract from your preferred supplier, cost center managers will be better positioned to control costs and future cash flow requirements are visible well before the invoice arrives.

InvoiceReady purchase-to-pay solution for growing businesses

Basware InvoiceReady is a full purchase-to-pay solution running in the cloud. It is quick to deploy, easy to maintain, and easily scalable as your business grows. Start receiving e-invoices, and enjoy improved automation of your accounts payable process as invoices are automatically matched to purchase orders and payment plans.

Watch a demo:
Demo: InvoiceReady transfer for payment – invoice transferring has never been faster
Demo: InvoiceReady order matching – order matching has never been easier
Demo: InvoiceReady procurement – controlling spend made easy
Demo: InvoiceReady mobile – invoice processing on the move 

InvoiceReady case studies:
Case study: Tuna Entreprenad frees up staff with InvoiceReady
Case study: F-Secure gains real-time visibility of invoices with InvoiceReady


Scan your paper invoices with Basware CloudScan

Free your employees from having to type invoice data into your system. Let them do more value-adding work instead. CloudScan is a flexible solution to your paper problems. Simply scan the invoice and validate. It’s that simple.

The benefits of scan and capture include:
•    Free up staff to do more value-adding work
•    Reduce errors
•    Enjoy better cash flow visibility

Find out more:
Factsheet: Scan & Capture solutions
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PDF e-Invoice is the easiest way to send e-invoices

Are your customers asking you for e-invoices? We have a quick and easy solution for you: Basware PDF e-Invoice is the easiest way to send e-invoices.

It’s a highly versatile service suitable for both small and large organizations. PDF e-Invoice requires no integration or IT resources.

Whether your emails are being generated by your billing system or being sent from a desktop, PDF e-Invoice converts them into e-invoices which are sent directly to your customers.

The service is perfect for both small and large volumes of invoices.

Find out more:
Factsheet: Basware PDF e-Invoice
eBook: An Introduction to e-Invoicing
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